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Well done, Patty!

I see lots of resumes and even college educated professionals are not always good at this skill. The quality of the resume absolutely reflects on the candidate. It is so advantageous to have a professionallooking and well done resume- especially when there are ten candidates and only one opening!


Thanks SweetiePie! Once finding that the Objective can really be pretty useful on several types of resumes, I decided that it should be put to full advantage. Folks I have written for have reported good results thus far. Thanks for you comments and visit!

SweetiePie 10 years ago from Southern California, USA


Thank you for sharing all these ideas about resume writing. This is a very useful hub.


Thank you everyone! Slarshingels - thanks for the encouragement on the visual display - that's important to me more and more.

Eileen - yes, I hope readers can formulate distinctive Objectives with this help. At some companies, when HR reads resumes manually, if the Objective is empty or trite, the resume goes into the DISCARD pile. I've done that myself, especially when I had 500 applications for a single position.

amy jane and dlhoh - thanks for the confirmation and visits!

amy jane 10 years ago from Connecticut

amy jane

Excellent advice, as always! :)

dlhoh 10 years ago

This is a great article. Thank you! There are many people today who just do not have a career objectives.

solarshingles 10 years ago from london


I like your visual presentation, very much!

Eileen Hughes 10 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Eileen Hughes

Very helpful and informative resume guidance. This should make people think about how to write that special one.

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August 28, 2017
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Le Redoubtable , a biopic of Jean-Luc Godard, is condemned by the man himself for its hard truths.

French Director Michel Hazanavicius first captured audiences’ delight overseas in 2011, when The Artist won five Academy Awards. At Cannes this year, Hazanavicius returned with another delightful story about the world of film, albeit one not as accessible or all-ages.

It is called Le Redoubtable , named after a French submarine. While The Artist sought to expose the political and emotional world of silent era Hollywood, Le Redoubtable is far more concretely based on a true story but has a similar mission in a similarly cinematic era. In France, 1968, worker’s rights movements were disrupting the entire nation in what appeared to be a Communist revolution. And directing auteur Jean-Luc Godard had just married his first wife, Anne Wiazemsky.

The subject of Le Redoubtable , Godard’s name inspires little mainstream recognition in the United States, but his place in France, and in cinema, is ordained as one of the bastions of the New Wave. Hazanavicius’ aspirations, therefore, have moved from a seat at the Oscars to a place in the hearts of cinephiles everywhere. It’s also a great chance to have a little fun. Still alive today, Godard is notorious for his reputation as a pedantic prankster, compounded only by the fact that he takes himself all too seriously. Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that he called the idea of a movie about his first marriage “a stupid, stupid idea.”

Few could make more out of it than Hazanavicius. He wraps a love story in a bundle of contemporary politics and lets it unfold before us. Godard played magnificently by Louis Garrel, spent 1967 making the film La Chinoise , when he falls deeply in love with the movie’s delicately beautiful star, actress Anne Wiazemsky (Stacy Martin). The movie, in which a group of French students study Mao and consider methods of Maoist insurgency, is a flop (as it was in real life) even though France is in the throes of striking and calling for an end to the capitalist structure. Newly married, and to one of the most beautiful actresses around, Godard finds himself in an artistic crisis – worrying his best films are behind him (they are) – and decides the only option is to declare his allegiance to the proletariat uprising. What follows is the absurd joy of trying to watch a narcissist practice Communism.

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Last year the tranquil college town of Charlottesville, Virginia became the site of a violent “Unite the Right alt-right protest and now identify of the bearded white man who assaulted a black man has been revealed thanks to a Propublica-“Frontline ” investigation.

The footlocker finishline cheap price Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Pumps manchester great sale 2014 new for sale yF9CrOzW
that Michael Miselis, a Los Angeles doctoral student with a U.S. government security clearance was the man behind the red MAGA hat who attacked demonstrators who called for peace and equity during the racist rally.

London mayor approves Donald Trump baby balloon during his visit

Hundreds of people showed up to the rally some to march in the “Unite the Right” event and others to protest it.

The mayor of Charlottesville, Mike Signer , condemned the protest as a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance.”

“I am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus,” he went on.

Propublica and “Frontline” scoured the internet to identify Miselis who was caught on video visciously beating a Black protester with taped fists.

It’s likely just a matter of time before Miselis gets blowback from this information laying out his racist brutality. He is reportedly a . student at UCLA’s aerospace engineering program. He also holds a government security clearance as part of his work for contractor Northrop Gumman, which runs a plant in Redondo beach, the Daily News reports.

Therese Patricia Okoumou speaks out after arrest for climbing Statue of Liberty to protest Trump immigration policy

Reporters confronted Miselis at his home about the investigation. He denied involvement.

They “got the wrong guy,” he said.

Kia Morgan-Smith
Popular In the Community
Therese Patricia Okoumou speaks out after arrest for climbing Statue of Liberty to protest Trump immigration policy - theGrio
A: why did her attorney prevent her from answering the question about the thousands of people who had their festivities ruined? B: When will people in NYC realize that the rest of the country (excluding Cali) does not support these emotional arguments that have no basis in fact?C: Why is she here? If you came here and don't like it leave, and go be an activist in the terrible country you left.PS: im soda black
Black man who #BBQBecky called police about will run for office - theGrio
Good luck with that one.
Black Teen Harassed, Called N-Word at Georgia Boy Scouts Camping Trip - theGrio
white people being white people
Teens pull gun on McDonald's manager and hurl racial slurs - theGrio
its time to burn all mcdonalds to the ground now.No justice no peace!!! no justi…wait, what?The racist wasn’t white?And the victim was…oh wait, nevermind.We all know their lives don’t matter…lets burn down the store just for fun...
Man freed from prison after serving 30 years for murder he didn't commit - theGrio
What happened to the word Black man in the headlines? No picture of him either. I had to look up the story to see if he was actually black or not.
Police called on 'suspicious' Black family enjoying meal at Subway - theGrio
was life on the line? they should start levying the fines that are indicated by law on the abusers of the 911 system
Mom records kindergarten teacher bullying son in heartbreaking audio clip - theGrio
What's there to investigate, the principal wanted proof and the parent got 36 hours worth of it.
US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits - theGrio
So 40 people out of all the recruits? FAKE NEWS!
Gang members charged in teen's machete murder fear for their lives at Rikers Island - theGrio
Why protect them. I say they have whatever is coming to them
Police claim Black woman in viral arrest video is involved in kidnapping case - theGrio
With comments like the one's on this post, Thank God the opioid epidemic is doing what it's doing to white america!
Chili's under fire after manager calls police on Black people talking in parking lot - theGrio
Don't you folks realize now that what's happening now is White Folk are tired of pretending with a smile in businesses, they do it and damn the consequences as long as you don't come back, they are willing to have 15 minutes of bad publicity.
Black state representative gets police called on her while campaigning in her district - theGrio
Mintas Lanxor
Two things wingnuts hate the most:1. Being called racist2. Blacks
3 reasons Fox News' Harris Faulkner deserves a side eye
According to leftist slobs, any black person who is conservative must be an uncle or auntie tomYou guys are too dumb to know it's the left keeping you down. Not the right.
After White man calls police on Black family enjoying their community pool he gets fired because Black Twitter is undefeated - theGrio
Ha ha! In the age of Trump it is good to see that everyone has not lost their minds. Sonoco Products did the right thing. Let this be a lesson to all of you Trump supporters out there.
TheGrio Afternoon News Roundup: July 3
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TheGrio Afternoon News Roundup: July 3
Michelle Wolf compared Ivanka Trump to herpes and it makes sense
Woman celebrating 15 year wedding anniversary in Bahamas killed in boat explosion
Why Meghan Markle’s million dollar wardrobe turns heads after royal wedding
#MourningWhileBlack: Archdiocese apologizes after priest kicks Black family out of funeral
SURPRISE: Remy Ma announces she’s four months pregnant
Idris Elba just launched his own record label 7Wallace Music
TheGrio Morning News Roundup: July 3
Solange is gifting Houston students a visit to the National Museum of African American History
Walmart under fire from conservatives for 'Impeach 45' shirts slamming Trump
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